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We're a passionate group of students from Nevada hoping to improve our community. Our success depends on the support of our friends, family, and viewers. Please help us build Lovelock's only post-secondary and career training program.  
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  • Shelly leveled up to Elite Platinum status by capturing $250 in donations for the club.

  • Shelly became an Elite Gold Funrdaiser by closing the deal with 10 club donors.

  • Deborah Pontius donated "Thanks for the cpap part" - via Shelly Nee
  • Walter Brinkerhoff donated
  • Brinkerhoff Ranch, Inc. donated
  • Ed and Shauna Bake donated "Best of luck!" - via Dylan Hultenschmidt
  • Sarah Hannonen donated "Thank you all for your hard work and support for the community of Lovelock. I hope you reach and exceed your goal! " - via Dylan Hultenschmidt
  • Joe Turner donated "You go girl!" - via Shelly Nee
  • James Wilhelm donated - via Shelly Nee
  • Sarah Oakley donated - via Shelly Nee
  • Amy Fitch donated - via Shelly Nee
  • Season's Greetings!

    Channel 14 would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday and Spectacular New Year! We would also like to send a very special thank you to our local business partners and residents who have helped keep Channel 14 on the air for over 18 years!

  • Pauline Buck donated
  • Mary McAuliffe donated "Good luck guys!"
  • James Evans donated
  • Dana Montes donated
  • Starlin Gentry donated - via Jordan Gentry
  • Paul Perozek donated "We believe that all of your efforts can inspire different outcomes. Keep reaching for your zeniths! Donna and Paul. " - via Shelly Nee
  • Check out our Article in the Lovelock Review Miner

    Thank you for such a nice article Peggy Jones!

  • Anthony Nelson donated "Keep it up. This is an awesome opportunity for the kids and the school going forward!" - via Shelly Nee
  • Powder House donated "Good luck, keep your dreams, so proud of you all." - via Samanta Montes
  • Patricia Harmon donated "Preston Sabey is my selected team member"
  • Jazmin Martinez donated - via Preston Brewer
  • Eva Matuszyk donated "Your weekly shows are looking great! Keep it up!" - via Shelly Nee
  • $1675 Total Funds Raised so Far!

    We have received additional donations via check from Napa City Auto Parts, The Parrish's and Bill and Diane Drake. Thank you for supporting Channel 14!

  • John Keitz donated
  • Connie Kersnowski donated - via Connie Kersnowski
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